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"Every sunrise you see is the start of a good day."

  As a truck driver and Army veteran, these words rang true for many years. I started photography because I would see countless sunrises and sunsets but wouldn't have anything to capture the moment. I started with a Nikon D3400 with a 16-300mm lens, a camera I still have almost 5 years later. I have upgraded my cameras and equipment. I still have that passion and wonder every time I see a sunrise, the moon and stars or a moment that I want to freeze in time. I hope to pass this on to you, either with my prints or by teaching you through my workshops.

"Neanderthal" came from my Army days. On our first tour, my then Platoon Sergeant(PSG) had reports to do, all on a computer. Having 20+ years, it was fun watching him "hunt and peck" his way through these reports. We used to call him a Neanderthal and laugh.

  Skip forward to the second tour. My PSG is now my First Sergeant(1SG) and we are now the senior leaders of the platoon..."hunting and pecking" our way through reports. And yes, he is laughing at us and we became the Neanderthal Platoon.

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